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Will there be any irritation and peeling? Yes, after day three there will be some noticeable peeling, but due the Mandelic acid which contains anti-inflammatory properties the inflammation or irritation will be minimal.

How many treatments till I see results?   Although the peel is self-neutralizing and most of the exfoliation will be excessive sloughing (Primary Process), then the brightening (Secondary) comes into play. Process is in minutes not days. After first treatment and proper home care you notice a 35%- 50% visible change Even on higher Fitzpatrick. We recommend 3 Consecutive treatments every 14 days but the quantity of treatments will depend on the client’s lifestyle and state of health as well as any medications being taken.

Is it different from a "face peel"? No in the sense of the procedure and protocol, yet it differs in the sense that the combination of the peel is more suitable for intimate areas because its keeping the pH balanced and prevents inflammation or irritation.

What activities can’t the client perform post peel? Clients should abstain from any activities that cause friction to the area including intimacy, as this could cause irritation as well as possible hyper pigmentation. No sun exposure as well as no tanning beds.

Why is Home care necessary to assure better results? The Hoo Haa Cleanser helps to digest the dead skin and prevent itch, the Bikini Bottom helps to continue home care brightening effects, and the Hoo Haa lotion moisturizes and brightens, as well as treating sun damage to the body. The lotion contains an anti-itch brightening ingredient too, unique concept to products in the market.

How long should you use the Home care? They’ll be using the home care for the length of the whole treatment. (Suggestion: use home care as regular intimate care even after treatment completion as it is made to last 8- 12 months) The Home care protocol is listed on the side of the Home Care Box.

Intimate Brightening System FAQ's

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Things to know before your first peel.

  • NO waxing 5 days prior to service and 10 days post. For this I tend to schedule waxing 5 days before and then your next wax would be 10 days after the 3rd peel. So about 6-8 weeks from wax before peel until your next wax.
  • Menstrual cycle (appointment can be made 5 days prior to or after cycle)
  • Pregnant or lactating women should seek physician approval

WE DO NOT treat open lesions, sores, or wounds.

  • If you have a history of herpes simplex viral infections in the area being treated, you will need to take a prescription antiviral medication to prevent an outbreak. This medication should be started 3 days prior to the procedure and continued for 5 days post care.

For optimal results, schedule every 10-15 days to repeat professional protocol.

  • A total of 3-5 consecutive Treatments are recommended.

Home care is REQUIRED for maximum results.

Before your First Treatment

  • Start using the at home treatment 2 days before your first peel treatment. You should have gotten this during your consultation for the treatment.
  • In the morning, you will Use the Hoo Haa Cleanser, followed by the Bikini Bottom.
  • In the evening, you will use the Hoo Haa Cleanser, followed by the Hoo Haa Brite Lotion.
  • Day of treatment, please be prepared to go home with product on the area for 4 hours.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothing and loose panties, no thongs if we are treating the Brazilian area.

Home Protocol

  • You will go home with the AHA/BHA masque on the area being treated.
  • Remove the masque after 4 hours and apply a thin layer of the Hoo Haa Brite Lotion.
  • The morning after the treatment, you will cleanse the area with the Hoo Haa Brite Cleanser, followed by the Bikini Bottom, and if needed the Arnica Recovery Gel.
  • In the evening, you will use the Hoo Haa Cleanser, followed by the AHA/BHA Masque for 3 Consecutive Evenings, after removing the mask you can apply the Arnica Recovery Gel if needed, then follow up with the Hoo Haa Brite Lotion.